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Maxtone New Products PMA 2019

Maxtone Noise Blocking Headphones

HPC100 Maxtone Noise Blocking Headphones,Noise Cancelling
( noise blocking ), 40dB Max, No Plug or Cable fitted,only designed to be used for noise blocking / sound isolation,197grams weight
Black Leatherette cushioned cups, Headband Slightly
Adjustable ( one size fits most ) $22.95

Maxtone Keyboard Bench - Black

AKTC67 Maxtone X Style Keyboard Black Bench with Padded Top,
Seat Size 9" x 21", Height approx 16-20" $49.95

More Onstage Keyboard Benches / Stands Available

Maxtone Drumstick Pack with Bag

ADWCPACK Maxtone Drum Stick package with Bag includes 5A sticks wood tip x 6 and Black Bag $29.95

More Sticks from Wincent / Onstage & Perc Plus Brands

Maxtone Plastic Colour Kazoos Box-24

KZCO3T Maxtone Kazoo Package includes 24 pcs Plastic Colour Kazoos
Ideal for Kindys / Schools - SELL $1.99 EA $47.76

More Kazoos from Generation Brand

Maxtone Bass Drum / Snare Drum Holders

DCC05B Maxtone Padded Bass Drum Carrier Holder
with Suppport Straps & Clips $59.95

DCC05S Maxtone Padded Snare Drum Carrier Holder
with Suppport Straps & Clips $49.95